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Red Letter Philosophy

Jun 30, 2023

In this episode of Red Letter Philosophy, we bid farewell to season five.  We’ve  been on a metaphysical journey through Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and contemporary philosophy.  What conclusions can be drawn from our journey?  Will we make it back home?  “Tune in” and find out.

Jun 16, 2023

Is it, as Freud said, that we are projecting our fathers onto the face of God, or is it that we project our inner knowledge God onto the face of our fathers?  Do our desires and expectations come from a higher place?   In this episode of Red Letter Philosophy, we explore the relationship between fatherhood and reality....

Jun 9, 2023

Is it that nothing means anything or that everything means everything?  Two myths, two ways of understanding life and the world; the culmination of Augustine, Pascal, and our season: on this week’s Red Letter Philosophy.  Take up and listen.