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Red Letter Philosophy

Apr 24, 2020

“Friendship is a necessity”, wrote Aristotle.  This is especially true in trying times.  But not all friendships are worth pursing and maintaining.  Who are your friends and why does it matter?  These questions  (and more) explored in today’s episode.

Apr 12, 2020

The greatest of all paradoxes is celebrated in Easter.  In Easter a symbol of death becomes a sign of life.  An instrument of torture becomes the signature of hope.  Easter reminds that If you want to live forever, you must die.  If you want to be first, you must make yourself last.  The only way up is down.  Happy...

Apr 10, 2020

When we hear the word useless we may think of the word "worthless". But a useless thing can also be priceless. Beauty, friendship, worship, love: these things are useless. What does it say about us that we need useless things? There is something strange about us. What does it say about the world we live in that it is...